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Cover You're Not My Real Mother

You're Not My Real Mother!
by Molly Friedrich, illustrated by Christy Hale
(Little, Brown & Co, 2004)
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This cheerful yet tender parent-child conversation offers a response to children who've ever asked an adoptive parent why they don't look like one another. Explores the emotional realities of a different kind of family.
(PreSchool-K) An adoptive mother tells her daughter all of the reasons why she is a "real mother," even though they do not look alike—"does a real mother drive to Parker's house to pick up Polar Bear [her stuffed animal] when you've left him there?" Page after page of heartwarming examples are presented as the parent and child are portrayed in large, realistic-looking, mixed-media illustrations. One spread shows them frolicking
on a trampoline surrounded by yellow forsythia bushes;
the girl's happiness is clearly expressed on her face and the mother seems to be jumping right off the page. Adoptive parents will welcome another chance to show their love through the sharing of this cheerful book.
School Library Journal

(PreS.) Families experienced in transracial adoption will want this picture book, which beautifully captures the intimate,
loving bond between parent and child and the moment when
the child first confronts the fact that she looks different from
her parent. Mom is blond. Her brown-skinned child looks
Asian or mixed race. The exuberant pictures show the fun
they have together and the love they share as they cook,
drive to pick up a toy bear the child left with a friend, and play with their puppy. Mom teaches her daughter the alphabet and how to tie her shoes and brush her teeth, and when the child falls, Mom puts 20 bandages on the bruised knee. Framed by all the fun is that central question: "I know you love me, Mom. But why don't you look like me?" Mom explains about the
birth mother ("She started your life, and I am thankful to her every day for that"), and finally, the child celebrates her
"kiss-smothering" real mother.
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